In 2004 I agreed to let the 2CV mechanic Louis Barbour build me one of his 4x4 converted 2CV's to take to Australia for a solo adventure. I wanted a break from working in the entertainment industry and after 16000 miles I returned to the UK and unfortunately (or fortunately) the desire for more 2CV adventure took hold. I also filmed my trip in Australia and as a result have enjoyed learning new editing skills and web design. As a result I have brought together these new skills here. I hope you enjoy looking around..



My trips by 2CV have included:

  • London to Mongolia for the Mongol Rally 2007. The vehicle was a 1988 2CV6 Special.
  • Paris - Persepolis - Paris 2011. A 40th anniversary attempt of the original famous raid in 1971. Completed by doing exactly the same route in the same time. The vehicle was a 1982 2CV6 Special.
  • Australia 2005. 5 month lap of the country in my Louis Barbour converted 1984 2CV. 16000 miles completed.
  • UK to Morocco 2013. Trip to the Sahara desert in my Barbour 4x4 2CV. The 50 degree heat was quite a challenge.

Other 2CV trips

I am fascinated with the original Citroen raids of the early seventies and would love to retrace their steps today. Unfortunately going to Persepolis in Iran was the only one I could attempt in reality and even that was a little tricky. The other two 2CV raids were to Afghanistan and Africa. Both of which are too dangerous to attempt. However I love reading about other 2CV owners who are attempting raids of their own so please get in touch with your accounts and blogs and I will be very happy to include the links here.

Photos (clockwise from top) Russia - en route to Mongolia. Persepolis - approaching the ruins. Sahara desert - posing in the dunes. Australia - Western Australia posing by the side of the road.