Below are some 2CV themed videos. Most recent first.

2CV 4x4 Daigny 2013

This footage was filmed in Daigny, France. A weekend event that was very wet and muddy. The footage is shot on an iphone and GoPro cameras. Featuring 'Fred The Shed'.


2CV BMW at Prescott Hill Climb 2013

Footage of a BMW powered Citroen 2CV at 'La Vie En Bleu' meeting, Prescott Hill Climb, Cheltenham. This car has 95bhp, capable of 0-60mph under 9s and a top speed of 100mph+


2CV BMW at Mallory Park 2013

Footage of a BMW powered Citroen 2CV 'Test Mule' at Mallory Park Race Circuit. (Driven by multiple 2CV champion Pete Sparrow)
The event: Practical Performance Car Magazine Track Day 2013 (PPC In The Park)
Specification: Completely standard 2CV with standard gearbox, brakes, suspension, chassis and clutch. Put together with secondhand parts to test durability on the road and track. Test engine on this vehicle is BMW 1100s bike engine underneath the original 2CV bodywork.
The result: 95bhp, 0-62 mph in under 9s, Top Speed 100mph +

(This has been used as a successful promotional video for Sparrow Automotive)


2CV 4x4 Morvan TT Deuches 2012

Small video from the TT course in Morvan, France. An annual event attended by all Citroen 2CV 4x4 enthusiasts to trial their machines on a course that's famous for testing future Paris Dakar winners.


2CV 4x4 Rouen 2011

Off road event in Rouen, France. Featuring 2CV's and other 2CV based specials.


2CV 4x4 Crapadeuche Trophy 2010

Short Video of the Crapadeuche Trophy that takes place in Belgium.
Organised by the Belgian 2CV 4x4 club Crapadeuche, a group of 4x4's and 2WD 2CV's head off into the stunning Belgian countryside. Not too extreme but more green lanes.


2CV 4x4 Villevenard 2009

Small Off road site in France. Very very muddy...


2CV 4x4 Morvan TT Deuches 2009

Long one this, due to it being the main event on the 2CV 4x4 calendar. Video highlights of an event in Morvan near Dijon. 2CV 4x4 of all types take on an off road site more suited to the professional testing of Dakar cars.


2CV 4x4 Langdale 2007

Where it all began for me. My first UK event and first attempt at making an off road video. The footage is is from an old Sony camcorder and the onboard cameras are waterproof bullet cams. 

Citroen 2CV 4x4 vehicles take on the extreme tracks in Langdale, Yorkshire. This awesome off road site has since been closed.. I miss it!